Memola® Home 3 in 1 – PREMIUM Baby swing hanging cradle




★ Memola® Home 3 in 1 – (cradle, sensory basket – a kind of playpen, swing)
★ mattress
★ mattress protectors
★ Travel bag for carrying and storing cribs
★1 x set of ceiling hooks

You also receive:

★ ColorStories – soft bamboo blanket in light gray
★ A curtain to protect the child from excessive stimuli and light
★Mosquito net elegant and practical
★Toy hanger to hang the child easily and safely.
★ extra mattress sheets for changing.
★1 x extra set of ceiling hooks

The Memola combines three products in one: it can be converted from a hanging cradle to a playpen to an indoor swing and accompanies your child from birth to 12 years. In this way she promotes the motor and mental development of babies to school children in a playful way.

The Memola is a multi-sensory cradle that promotes different aspects of the child’s development. The transparent side walls allow the baby to lie in a prone position, rock and observe the surroundings at the same time. It is encouraged to lift its head independently and interact with its environment, which strengthens the neck muscles and promotes the ability to balance and motor skills.

SLEEP AID: Gently weighing as in the womb helps babies calm down better. Crying children, babies with three-month colic and premature babies in particular calm down more quickly in the Memola.

DEVELOPMENT PROMOTION: Unlike a cradle, the Memola trains balance, concentration, coordination and motor skills in a playful way, so that more nerve connections are created in the brain. Babies learn to crawl, sit and walk faster.

GROWING WITH YOU: The Memola combines 3 functions in one: cradle, playpen and indoor swing. It is particularly durable because it grows with the child and is suitable for 0-12 years.

SAVES MONEY AND SPACE: The Memola offers the complete first baby equipment in one product. It replaces a spring crib, baby bed or extra bed, ball pit, nest swing, wedge cushion, bouncer, playpen, swing and travel cot. In small apartments it hangs over furniture to save space and when packed it is no bigger than a hoola hoop.

QUALITY: We produce high-quality fabrics with OEKO-TEX 100 standard in Europe. The design of the Memola has received many national and international awards.

★ German design, fully produced in Europe! ★

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Memola® Home 3 in 1 - PREMIUM Baby swing hanging cradle