Baby Silicone Teething Ring | Beads green



The chewable, drool-worthy way to soothe teething teeth!
Looking for a safe, non-toxic teething ring for your little one? Look no further than our silicone baby teether. This teething toy is gentle enough on babies’ gums, but strong enough to keep them occupied. Keep your baby’s gums healthy and stimulated with our silicone teething rings. It meets their oral sensory needs and helps reduce drooling, fussiness and colic. Plus, it’s the perfect size for little hands, so your little one can bite, chew and suck on it without strangling or hurting themselves.

Here’s why you’ll love this

✓Soothes those gums: When a baby is teething, he may become cranky and uncomfortable. A teething ring can help soothe a baby’s sore gums and relieve some of that discomfort. Plus, they’re easy to throw in the diaper bag for teething.

✓ Variety of colors and shapes! The different colors and shapes of the teething rings help keep babies occupied and relieve their gums at the same time. The different textures can also help soothe your baby’s sore gums.

✓ Safe and natural: This baby teething ring is made of 100% natural rubber (latex) and contains no harmful substances, making it a safe choice for your little one. Plus, it’s easy to keep clean – just pop it in the dishwasher when you’re done!

✓ Small hands, big relief: When your little one is teething, he needs all the help he can get to feel better. With our silicone baby teething ring, they can soothe their sore gums with a toy that is just the right size to hold.

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Baby Silicone Teething Ring | Beads green