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My name is Laura Mahespalsingh, owner and creative director at Babybirthbox.
As a family with 3 children, we know it better than anyone. Children collect things. Lots of stuff! From precious “keepsakes” that you as a mother cannot part with to mountains of toys that you don’t want to look at all day. This gave us the idea of making stylish, personalized storage boxes that also fit into the interior. Very nice for mom and dad.

When our webshop came online, we were just before the longest Corona lockdown in the Netherlands. While we initially planned to bring the boxes to the attention locally at various physical stores in the area, we now had to take a different tack and focus entirely on online sales.

Outside our comfort zone, we have made ourselves visible on Instagram and promoted our boxes with the help of Influencers. The timeless, sleek designs and the wide choice of boxes, types of letters and colors have ensured that Babybirthbox has become a unique “wannahave” for every mother or mother-to-be.

We love seeing how today’s parents put in the effort to create that perfect and cozy play corner for their child. We enjoy the creative photos we often receive of the end result. Whether in the nursery, children’s room or living room, with our Toyboxes we like to bring color, coziness, order and something personal into your home.

“Create your own wonderland” – Babybirthbox